Capital Campaign Update

Brought together by common Faith, we are people connected by rites of passage, reunion, and remembrance. From baptisms to communions, weddings to weekday Masses—our community celebrates growth. In order to continue to thrive, we must attract and retain the worshipers, leaders, youth, students, teachers, and administrators that form the backbone of our community of faith.  To accomplish this, we need to invest in our people, our spirituality, our gathering places—and the hand of welcome we extend to others in the larger community.

Building on our 50 glorious years, we present you now with an opportunity … to invest in an effort that will have a lasting impact … to witness what can be accomplished by a common mission for a shared legacy … and to act on the unwavering belief that the faith of our community belongs to all of us.

Our Goals: Attract, Retain, Enhance

Reflecting on the deep and rich history of excellence established over the last 50 years, we are called to build upon all the good that has gone before. In the last seven years we have identified many needed improvements which prudence dictated be held off, temporarily. St. Simon leadership now presents four key initiatives as critical to our parish goals of attracting, retaining, and investing in the relational, physical and spiritual assets of our parish.

During the Capital Campaign period, we will raise funds for the following initiatives:

  1. School Improvements: Technology, Science and Entrance Upgrades
  2. Center for Youth in Ministry
  3. Church Building Technology Enhancements
  4. Catholic Education Initiative

One hundred percent of all contributions will go to these St. Simon's initiatives once we have reached our goal for the "Rooted in Faith" diocesan appeal. Our $1.8 million contribution to the diocesan goal, representing 1.8% of the total diocesan campaign, is detailed in the Capital Campaign brochure. Our additional parish goal of $1.8 million will provide the baseline funding for the four St. Simon initiatives outlined in this plan. All pledges can be paid over a five-year period


For Our Diocese   $1.8M
For Our Parish

Our goal is to initiate projects only when we have adequate funding to ensure completion. If an initiative cannot be completed with the funding received, we will hold collected donations in trust until we can launch and complete the specific initiative.

The Thanks of a Grateful Community

Our founding parishioners and subsequent generations have left a legacy through their great sacrifice and stewardship. It falls to us now to continue their legacy and make the same sacrifice to prepare for future generations. We are all stewards of the abundant gifts of time, talent, and treasure given by a loving and gracious God. We belong to a great community of faith that serves us spiritually, liturgically, educationally and pastorally. In return, each and every member of this Body of Christ is asked to make not an equal gift, but an equal sacrifice for this campaign, and to do so with grateful hearts.