Church Technology

Church Building Technology Initiative


When we worship and learn, we retain more from the experience when it engages multiple senses. Audio, visual, and other forms of technology assist in the use of all our senses, leading to increased participation and a deeper experience. Excellence in worship today allows for the creative use of technology that attracts new worshipers and encourages full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy. St. Simon has begun to use technology to enhance the liturgical experience with music, visuals, and lighting—supporting a key trend within our diocese.

Improving our church building technology will provide enhanced learning opportunities for our parish. A multi-purpose video projection system will support teaching during school, CCM, and parish assemblies—and we can receive live events broadcast from around the world for community gatherings. We can enliven prayer service with inspiring imagery. We call host major events and feed video into overflow meeting spaces. We can more fully engage every participant and deepen the worship experience.


Develop a technology solution that enhances the liturgical and learning experiences, protects existing valuable assets and equipment, increases the efficiency of technology ministers, and improve technology in our meeting spaces. Plan includes:

  • A Technology Control Station located at the back of the church to minimize disruption.
  • A Video Projection System facilitates greater engagement during our liturgical celebrations and learning opportunities.
  • Upgrades and enhancements to sound and lighting systems.