Summit HS YM

High School Youth Ministry

". . . the liturgy is the [source and] summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows." --Vatican Council II

To say the Liturgy [Eucharist] is the "source and summit of Church life" means two things. First that our faith flows from the Liturgy [Eucharist] at its source, the way light streams forth from the sun. And second, that our faith is realized in the Liturgy [Eucharist] as its summit to which all of our actions should be directed.

When We Meet

Sunday Faith Formation Sessions
Summit HS YM is a faith-formation process that applies faith to practical living by using age-appropriate curriculum. The program is designed to enhance the youth's understanding, participation and application of the Catholic Faith. Students attend the Sunday 5:00pm Mass, meet for service, discussion and/or social activities from 6:00--8:15pm. Dinner is provided.

Thursday Bible Study
Summit HS YM students meet every Thursday at 7:00--8:00pm to talk about the week, share snacks, do fun games, read and discuss the upcoming Sunday's Gospel and other Bible passages.

Teen Leader Team
We meet Thursdays (unless otherwise notified) at 6:00pm. Dinner is provided. The HS Teen Leaders are the driving force behind the Youth Ministry program at St. Simon. We represent other high-school youth in the Parish. We plan and implement youth activities, assist with Youth Mass, attend training opportunities and we are role models in the St. Simon Parish Community.