Response to Abuse in the Catholic Church

The following is for our community and those interested in learning about the Church's response to abuse. The information contained in this website is not exhaustive of all statement and resources. We are providing the following, however, in the hopes of contributing to transparency, accountability, and healing to the people who are affected or impacted in any way.  

From Fr. Warwick James, Pastor, St. Simon Parish

From His Holiness Pope Francis

From the Bishop of San Jose

To continue with the process of transparency, accountability, and healing, the Diocese of San Jose has hired former FBI Executive Assistant Director, Dr. Kathleen McChesney, and her firm, Kinsale Management Consulting. Dr. McChesney and her team will oversee an in-depth independent review of the personnel and other files pertaining to the sexual abuse of children committed by any cleric appointed by the Bishop of San Jose or, in the years before our founding in 1981, by the Archbishop of San Francisco. Dr. McChesney's report is expected in Spring of 2019.

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