Rummage Sale Best Sellers

Rummage Sale Best Sellers

Here is the list of best sellers for the Rummage Sale. We start collecting your donations in August.

Small wood furniture items such as student desks, bookcases, night stands, tables and chairs are popular. Small, clean rugs, home accessories, decorative objects and treasures are a hit with our shoppers. This includes those new-in-box gift items you have not used. Pictures, frames and wall art sell well.

Jewelry of all kinds always finds a home. More valuable items will be appraised and locked up until the sale. Regular jewelry items and children's jewelry are welcome too. Our jewelry workers like to prepare a surprise for the ladies at the battered women's shelter. They try to include a box of pretty items the ladies might enjoy wearing.

We almost always sell out of bed linens, towels and table and kitchen linens so long as they are clean. Clean old mattress pads, quilts and batting, as well as cotton fabrics, go to the Poor Clare Nuns who make quilts for the poor and the homeless. Nothing goes to waste.

The other department that often sells out is baby clothing and equipment. Cribs and car seats must meet current safety standards to be sold. We also sell clothing for men, women, boys and girls. Tuxedos and dinner jackets are always in demand. Our lingerie department sells hats, gloves, robes, sunglasses and the most wonderful collection of clothing, wigs and masks for costumes.

Games, toys, bikes and wagons are popular, as is sports equipment. Bikes needing repair do not sell. Shoes are in a separate department:  cowboy boots to sandals, we want them all if they are in decent condition. Books, movies, music and even some magazines are sought after. Special magazines like Architectural Digest, Fine Woodworking etc. are a treat we give our workers.

Electronic items such as laptop computers and notebook computers sell even if not working. Tools are always in demand. Gardening tools, hand tools and decent wood working tools find a home. Working digital cameras, binoculars, telescopes, small table or portables radios and MP3 players are welcome. Working electronic toys are a hit with the kids.

If you have questions, contact us at  --Barry and Pattie Sharrow