Rummage Sale Hard Sells

Rummage Sale Hard Sells

Hard as we try, there are some beautiful items we have no luck selling at the rummage sale.

That lovely sofa will not fit in anyone's car! Few buyers come in trucks. Some customers come via the bus to shop. Desk top computers, computer printers and large exercise equipment never find a home. Goodwill does accept and sell most of these.

Please take your wall to wall carpeting and major appliances elsewhere. We have no luck selling them. If the appliances are in working order, Habitat for Humanity or Ecumenical Hunger probably will welcome them. They also welcome building supplies, including plumbing and wiring, at these charities.

Large office desks do not sell well, nor does upholstered furniture. We have no luck with large metal file cabinets. Please do not bring us metal bed frames, draperies, curtain rods, window blinds or window shades. They always land up in the dumpster. Goodwill does better with these items. Skis, poles, boots and golf equipment should go to another charity. Most of our customers neither ski nor play golf. Luggage that needs repair never finds a home, but luggage in great condition sometimes sells.

Thank you for keeping us in mind as you clean out this Summer! Your clean clothing and household goods can have another life helping another family.

Your comments and suggestions will reach us at Thank You!