School Improvements

Technology, Science, and Entrance Upgrades Initiative


Our St. Simon School supports faculty that is widely respected, a student body that represents academic excellence, and CCM and parish youth programs that have a growing spiritual impact on our community. Our key school buildings, including the library, computer room, science lab, and offices, are 50 years old and no longer adequately support the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. Our students are our future leaders and require the tools, leadership, and enrichment opportunities to achieve and excel, academically and spiritually.


To take a phased approach based upon income generated in this campaign. Such a phased strategy will minimize disruption by allowing continued operations during construction. The end results will include: 

  • WORK BEGINNING 6/2011 -- A new Learning Center that combines the library and computer lab to improve student learning arid develop 21st century skills in the use of information and technology.
  • COMPLETED 2007/2008 -- An enlarged and modernized Science Lab that enhances the "hands on" science curriculum for all grades, and supports improved junior high science curriculum.
  • IN COMPLETION 6-12+/2011 -- A remodeled Entrance and Administrative Area that provides a more welcoming environment and makes more efficient use of office meeting space for administrative, pastoral, and academic ministries.