Youth Center

Center for Youth in Ministry Initiative


We support our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, "Renewing the Church," promulgated by Bishop McGrath in 2002. One critical element of the Pastoral Plan calls us all to attract and engage youth in the life and leadership of our Catholic Church in significant ways. So far we have addressed this issue with the creation of our EDGE and LIFE TEEN programs and the introduction of the very successful 5pm. Sunday Mass with its contemporary style of worship. We are proud of our accomplishments so far.

Building on this success in reaching our youth, we believe that a dedicated space for parish youth will help provide even greater opportunities to foster community, ministry, and formation. A Center for Youth Ministry will increase membership, encourage participation, and demonstrate our commitment to youth as the future leadership in our Church while simultaneously fostering their interest in ministry, stewardship, and social justice.


To build an addition onto the Parish Center, located on the sidewalk facing the Rectory, primarily for youth ministries. Additions include:

  • Office space to support youth program volunteers, ministers and administrators.
  • Meeting rooms for weekly youth meetings in their primary gathering space.
  • Storage space for securely housing youth program equipment, supplies, materials, and props.